Jan Bennett

Jan Bennett, Digital Content Editor and Social Media Coordinator at State of the Re-Union, spent many years collecting vocational talents and skills from various work environments. After realizing that her natural curiosity of human interactions was not a title for hire, she pursued higher education at the University of North Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication, concentrating in the PR and Advertising fields. With her title in tote, when she came on board at SOTRU, she married her love of being nosey, writing and making sure everyone heard the word. Jan enjoys traveling, socializing, reading and learning the does and don’ts of culture, and is always intrigued by just how the resilient the human spirit is.

Inspirations for 2012 Community

Every new year ushers in with it new goals and resolutions made with the intent of betterment for self and community. For those who need a bit of encouragement for 2012 goal setting, State of the Re:Union passes along...

The Golden Girls 2.0

In many cultures, the home is a place where family gathers. It is common practice to have multi-generations living under one roof, unlike the typical American makeup of nuclear family unit. Many members of the extended family household will...