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Every new year ushers in with it new goals and resolutions made with the intent of betterment for self and community. For those who need a bit of encouragement for 2012 goal setting, State of the Re:Union passes along the inspirational story of one woman’s American journey to find and highlight people making a difference in their community….

According to the “Spreading the Word on Good Deeds” CBS Sunday Morning segment, Dafna Michaelson quit her job and cashed in her 401(k) to fund her year-long mission: “Visit one state each week and interview people changing their communities, and then share their stories to inspire others.” [Watch the video here.]

Dafna said she was fueled by the desire to know what it feels like “to be the person who raises their hand and says ‘It’s up to me to do this.’” With the use of planes and cars, she traveled all over to find men and women who’ve literally taken their community into their own hands and made a positive change affecting many lives.

From the housewife in Arizona who became an advocate for community safety and helped stop crime in her town, to a man in Oklahoma helping young boys in crisis find the tools to “make it in life”— she shares the stories of these men and women who are taking it upon themselves to make a difference without waiting for someone else to intervene first.

Michaelson strongly believes “problems in your community are solved at home, by you, by your neighbors, by the people in those communities.” She also understands that there are many people in the United States who are doing incredible things for the betterment of community. These are men and women selflessly stepping up to the plate and taking action because there is a need, and they want to help. They do this, not for the glory or the possibility of being on the front page, but because they are genuinely concerned about the welfare of their community. So, with the help of her fiancé, Michaelson shares their stories and each week’s interviews on her Web site

She says of her journey: “What I’ve learned about this country is that we really are great, we really have great people, we really are built from a fiber and a core that says whatever it is that has to be done, this is the place to do it and we’re going to do it.”

Changing a situation or community structure rarely occurs as a “plan.” In most cases, it happens when people can endure a situation no more and are mobilized to make it better. No glitz and glamor, no paparazzi, no supreme intervention, just men and women who are doing what they can to help make a bad situation better. That is all that it takes — action.

Exploring and sharing interesting stories of some amazing people is a great way to start the year. It makes it easy to believe this year is full of endless possibilities — make it a year to be proud of. Use the box below to tell us some of your plans, resolutions and goals to make a difference in your community.

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