Kheprw Institute

We work to achieve that change as an organization by focusing on four central tenets: "The Four E’s” Empowerment, Economy, Education, and Environment.

Stories from the Garden: Growing Power, Connection in Indianapolis

In a recent article, LaTasha Boyd-Jones named the community-rooted, "multifaceted Kheprw Institute (KI)—a beacon of hope and transformation nestled in the heart of Indianapolis." Like life itself, Kheprw's portfolio of activity, relationship and impact is interdimensional, and a compelling example...

Start with What You Have, Where You Are: The Kheprw Story

"Growing community is like growing food. It's a lot of work. You gotta till the soil. You gotta plant the seeds. You gotta have the right weather conditions. Community is just like that. You start with what you have...