Lisa Bailey

Lisa Bailey came to Axiom News with reporting and editing experience at newspapers across southern Ontario. She describes Axiom as opening her eyes to a new approach to journalism, based in appreciative inquiry and asking catalytic questions. “It’s important to record history as it is happening, and that’s what journalism does. But there can also be deeper meaning," she says. "You can be forward-thinking and try to facilitate change for the better." She enjoys working in an environment that focuses on teamwork, and the daily variety of interviewing people from sectors as different as long-term care and engineering. Her hope for the company is that it grows and inspires other journalistic outlets to adopt more generative practices — using journalism for positive change. Contact Lisa: 705-741-4421 ext. 25 or lisa(at)

The Belonging Revolution: Giving Life to a New Community Narrative

The road to revolution begins with a walk through the neighbourhood. That’s what’s sparking for Mike Butler and Dan Benavidez as what they call “the Belonging Revolution” unfolds in their community of Longmont, Colorado. Since last July, Mike and Dan have...