Transform Your Practice: A Community Engagement Card Deck

Many organizations and agencies are waking up to the critical nature of community engagement to the sustainability, relevance and effectiveness of their efforts. But the term and practice often remains fuzzy, undefined and elusive to those seeking to put it into practice.

Reimagining the Civic Commons is an initiative working to transform our shared civic assets to foster engagement, equity, environmental sustainability and economic development in cities across the country.

They recently released a new card deck and accompanying case studies which, they write, “will help you nurture trust, expand participation and promote advocacy through community engagement.” Created by practitioners of community engagement, for practitioners, the cards “identify common misconceptions that often get in the way of impactful outreach – and share practical ideas for transforming your practice.”

Some ways you can use these cards:

  • Add powerful new outreach strategies to your toolkit.
  • Assess your current practices by challenging misconceptions.
  • Share ideas with colleagues and leaders within your organization and beyond.
  • Document lessons learned as you continue to evolve your practice.

The development of the card deck was supported in part by the Sustaining Robust Engagement & Stewardship Working Group of the Civic Commons Learning Network.






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Image courtesy of Fairmount Park Conservancy features a pop-up play space at FDR Park in Philadelphia, created in partnership with Tiny WPA and local youth.


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April Doner
April Doner
April Doner is a community connector, artist, and mother who is passionate about igniting the intersection between re-weaving neighbor relationships, strengthening local economies, and healing / reconciling inequities and injustices. She is a Steward at the ABCD Institute DePaul University and, while not practicing neighboring in her own neighborhood, she trains, coaches, and consults in Asset Based Community Development. April also documents local resilience as well as group processes through various creative means including writing, photography, video, and graphic recording. Since 2020, she has curated content for

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