Working in the Gap to Enhance Citizen Productivity

Conversation with Tom Mosgaller

John, Peter, special guest Tom Mosgaller and others from the front lines of community work talk  about different ways people working in the “gap” can enable systems to shift from needs to gifts so that institutions and agencies can be a stronger force in supporting citizens in coming together to create a thriving and prosperous community.

Running time (with Q&A) 00:59:15

Listen to the conversation below:

About the Lead Author

John McKnight
John McKnight
John McKnight is emeritus professor of education and social policy and codirector of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at DePaul University. He is the coauthor of Building Communities from the Inside Out and the author of The Careless Society. He has been a community organizer and serves on the boards of several national organizations that support neighborhood development.

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