You’re Invited

After months of thinking about it… I am ready to host our community’s first
civic engagement… I have to think about where to hold the space… the
location… who am I going to invite… open to the public or invitation only…
do I invite those who live in our neighborhood… regular citizens… those who
recently moved into the community… those who have lived here a long time…
people I know… people I don’t know… what about those who work here during
the day but live somewhere else… those who have a voice in the community…
Elected Officials… School Board… Churches Leaders… other associations…

Who am I to be the one to pick and choose… should I be there?

~ Shawn ~

About the Lead Author

Shawn Gavin
From Shawn's first blog: Recently, I created an opportunity to make a difference in my community. I ran for city council and won! Although political campaigning and holding public office is not on my resume, I have marketing experience, enthusiasm and passion. Add a dash of magic and maybe a little something special can be created in our community.

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