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Peter Block ~ Creating a Compassionate Economy

August 31, 2016 ~  8 – 9:30 am ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan

Peter will share his vision for a Compassionate Economy, and the work he has been doing on this front in Cincinnati. He will talk about an economy that works for all, even the most persistently challenged people and neighborhoods, and gauges its vitality in terms of the human spirit rather than the measures of annual income, GDP, crime, schooling and the like. Drawing from his new book, co-authored with Walter Brueggemann and John McKnightAn Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture, Peter will focus on the fundamental shift in narrative and action each of us can embrace in order to realize this Compassionate Economy.

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Online/Dial-up Conversations with John and Peter

John and Peter host periodic free half-hour conversations with special guests on building community, connecting with the people in your neighborhood and creating alternative futures in local economies, education, health care and other domains of community life.

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