Online/Dial-up Conversations with John and Peter


Next Conversation with John and Peter

With Deborah Puntenny, health and neighborhood activist


June 6 at 1 pm Eastern

No advance registration needed. Just join online or dial in.

To join the conversation online:

  • Click this link:

  • Click the big circle that looks like a “play” button to begin listening.

  • Once on the site, you will see a big “JOIN IN!” button. When you click on it you can listen from the pop-up window and also participate in the chat room.

 To join the conversation by phone: 

  • Dial in to TalkShoe at (724) 444-7444

  • At the prompt, enter the Call ID: 115124#

  • If you are not a member of TalkShoe, when asked for a PIN, follow the prompt to enter 1#.