Online/Dial-up Conversations with John and Peter


Cormac Russell in Conversation with John and Peter

How Community Animators Work Around the World


July 25 at 1 pm Eastern

Cormac has worked around the world using the asset-based community development approach to train communities, agencies, NGOs and governments in ABCD and other strengths based approaches, including Kenya, Southern Sudan, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

Some of his recent work concerns addressing health inequalities in low income communities and promoting a strengths based approach to working with young people.

We will take about fifteen minutes to talk about how Cormac and his group are working with communities in the UK and abroad and then transition into how all of our experiences in working with citizens to build asset-based communities can be translated into your own work. 

After our opening remarks we’ll open the conversation up for your questions and insights. 

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