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Never Underestimate the Power of a Little Lettuce

by Joan Horwitt on August 26, 2014

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We did a piece some time ago about Joan Horwitt and her idea to teach school kids how to grow lettuce. Then she gave them all packs of seeds to take home and teach their parents how to do it. Then a big celebration at school for a huge salad day bringing the community together. The initiative has grown and grown in home grown food and neighbor connections, plus a learning farm. The pictures in this update from Joan show what a little lettuce can do.

~ John 


Dear Arlington friends and neighbors,
The big Reevesland/LAWNS 2 LETTUCE 4 LUNCH harvest was a spectacular success! Thank you.
We had an enormous crop at the Reevesland Learning Garden and from our volunteer growers' yards and gardens throughout Arlington's neighborhoods. In our unique school-neighborhood collaboration, we not only had organic greens for more than 600 Ashlawn students and staff on June 4th for our multi-ingredient Fiesta Salad celebration, but we also shared more than 40 pounds of the crop with the Arlington Food Assistance Center. 
Please take a moment to look at the photos that capture what fun it is for children and adults from four-years-old to 92 to grow food and community here in Arlington!
Joan Horwitt






Photos courtesy Joan Horwitt. Home page image: Demi