The Story of New Vision

May 28, 2015

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"Everywhere I go there seems to be a natural curiosity about new ways to solve old problems: what will we eat, what will we drink and where will we stay at night?” says Ruston Seaman, co-founder of New Vision Renewable Energy. “Our hope is, together, to help people solve some of the basic life questions in their own communities, drawing from the knowledge and skills of others.”
From its home base, research and training center, in North Central West Virginia, NVRE connects citizens, businesses and faith-based and community organizations to join an international renewable energy movement. NVRE’s old-fashioned, time-tested, neighbors-helping-neighbors method of working together today has spread unique solutions to everyday problems from NVRE’s small rural headquarters to communities in 31 countries. From solar panel installations to reduce a family’s electric bill to solar-powered aquaponic greenhouses that sustain a community garden to biodiesel fuel production, NVRE offers innovative ways to engage communities and bring them hope.




Video courtesy eTown radio/podcast. Home page image: Denise Carbonell.