A Winter Solstice Celebration for 2023 with Manda Scott and Nathalie Nahai

What is emerging in the collective heart of the world right now?  How are we stepping out of the old and into the new?  In what ways might despair and joy co-exist inside of us our current reality?

In this special end-of-year podcast, Upstream podcast host and Renegade Economist Della Duncan explores these and other questions with novelist and Accidental Gods host Manda Scott and Natalie Nahai, behavior science advisor, author and host of the podcast The Hive.

You are likely to find catharsis, resonance and hope within their warm and thoughtful conversation.

About the Podcast:

Founded in 2016, Upstream is a podcast that offers a quarterly Documentary series and a bi-monthly In Conversation series exploring a wide variety of themes pertaining to economics — from an anti-capitalist perspective. Through a mixture of heartfelt stories, expert interviews, and rich sound design, we invite you to unlearn everything you thought you knew about economics and imagine what a better world could look like.


Going Further:

About the Lead Author

Della Z Duncan
Della Z Duncanhttps://www.dellazduncan.com/
Della is a Renegade Economist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an Atlantic Fellow of Social and Economic Equity at the International Inequalities Institute at LSE, a Right Livelihood Coach, former student and Faculty member of the MA Economics for Transition program at Schumacher College, and an Alternative Economics Teacher and Consultant della@upstreampodcast.org

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