La Casa Chica

Meet a person who is uncovering a local world of hidden treasures. Her name is Allison … She invites us to see the treasures of her neighborhood through the eyes of children. They are not interested in what is missing, they only see the gifts.

In her walks she introduces us to the everyday people that are the backbone of our community. They do not leap tall buildings, or advocate for interests, they do something more important.

Read her blog with pleasure

About the Lead Author

Peter Block
In addition to The Abundant Community, co-authored with John McKnight, Peter Block is the author of Flawless Consulting, Community, Stewardship and The Answer to How Is Yes. He serves on the boards of Elementz, a hip hop center for urban youth; Cincinnati Public Radio; and LivePerson. With other volunteers, Peter began A Small Group, whose work is to create a new community narrative and to bring Peter's work on civic engagement into being. Peter's work is in the restoration of communities and creating systems that restore our humanity. He is a partner in Designed Learning, a training company that offers workshops he has designed to build the skills outlined in his books.

The Latest

Improving Health Equity through Asset Based Community Development

In May of 2023, a workbook was released on Improving Health Equity through ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) written...


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