Sunday Sermon: The Abundant Community

…open the door, go out and have conversations.

Recently I was having a conversation with a pastor from a local church,
talking about our annual fundraiser for our community park. He had asked if
there was anything he could do to help. I had been wanting to expand our
festival to three days, but we did not have enough volunteers.  The pastor
said, would 70 volunteers help…

What started as a simple conversation over a cup of coffee has turned into a
three day community gathering. The church will hold their Sunday morning
worship service in the park followed by a family picnic and ice cream
social, free and open to all.


About the Lead Author

Shawn Gavin
From Shawn's first blog: Recently, I created an opportunity to make a difference in my community. I ran for city council and won! Although political campaigning and holding public office is not on my resume, I have marketing experience, enthusiasm and passion. Add a dash of magic and maybe a little something special can be created in our community.

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