The Abundant Communities Initiative

Conversation with John, Peter and Howard Lawrence: The Abundant Communities Initiative

Download or listen to John and Peter’s conversation with Howard Lawrence of Edmonton, Alberta’s Abundant Communities Initiative. An ordained minister, neighborhood consultant and active volunteer with Edmonton’s Highlands Community leadership, Howard was inspired by John and Peter’s book The Abundant Community to launch the city’s effort to strengthen the social fabric of its neighborhoods.

Click here and scroll to 10/22/2013 to download or just listen. 

Running time (with Q&A): 00:54:37





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John McKnight And Peter Block
John McKnight And Peter Block
John L. McKnight was raised a traveling Ohioan, having lived in seven neighborhoods and small towns in the eighteen years before he left to attend Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois. There, he had the good fortune to be educated by a faculty dedicated to preparing students for effective citizenship. He graduated into the U.S. Navy, where he had three years of “postgraduate” education in Asia during the Korean War. More... Peter Block was born in Chicago and spent most of his early years in the Midwest. After college, he went to New Jersey and was involved in the early days of creating the field of organization development. This entailed some years at Exxon Research and Engineering Company and then the formation of a consulting firm with Tony Petrella. Marvin Weisbord joined in 1971, and the firm did pretty well until, Block says, “we all got into our sixties and either retired or moved in other directions.” More...

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