What is Possible in Re-humanizing the West?

Slightly hidden reading room expands our thinking

Tucked away in a corner of the Internet is a reading room which people who are seeking ideas that invert their thinking will want to visit.

Restore Commons, an initiative of Peter Block and friends, has been quietly collecting the insights of radical thought leaders and social innovators who expand our thinking about what is possible in re-humanizing the west. It is especially tuned in to journalism, economy, faith, neighborhoods, architecture and space.

“It’s a slightly hidden place where anyone can find ideas that are surprising, that invert our thinking,” Peter says.

Restore Commons arises from an understanding that the effort to build the social fabric required to support the commons is a major, long-term undertaking. “It begins with seeing clearly the nature of the modern epidemic of isolation, and then constructs ways of reversing it,” Peter writes. “It means we have to shift the thinking, narratives and practices that are producing this isolation.”

Visit the site here: Restore Commons
You can also engage on Twitter, @restorecommons, and Facebook, also @restorecommons.

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About the Lead Author

Michelle Strutzenberger
For fifteen years, Michelle Strutzenberger worked as a Generative Journalist and Newsroom Chair with Axiom News. While working full time, Michelle began writing children’s novels. Her latest book, The Secret Talent Shop of Pineapple River, is about the adventure of discovering and lifting up neighbourhood gifts. The book is very much inspired by the spirit and intention of asset-based community development, the work of Peter Block and John McKnight of Abundant Community in creating abundant communities and the worldview and practice of Appreciative Inquiry. Michelle lives in Peterborough, Ontario with her husband and three children. You can connect with Michelle on Twitter @michelle_strutz and Facebook via NewShemayim

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