Take a Leap – Take a Bold Leap

by Al Etmanski on August 28, 2017

Tagged as: Raising Children / Local Economy / Food / Safety / Health / Land/Environment / Care of People on the Margin


The formal system not working for you? Ensnared in its lethargy? Drifting in the momentum of its outmoded approach?

Then take a leap.

Not onto what exists. Wrestling once more with its inefficiencies. Trying to make a silk’s purse out of a sow’s ear.

But over, completely over all that frustrating incrementalism.

Create something breathtakingly different.

People will be drawn to the beauty of your better model.

And as a bonus, the unworkable, irritable parts of the existing system will be seen for what they are – inadequate. They will fade away or be discarded.

Just make sure your leap is bold enough to avoid being snagged or tripped up by the seduction to fix what is unfixable.


Now that we can do anything what will we do?

— Bruce Mau


Reposted with permission from aletmanski.com. Home page image: Marina del Castell