Becoming an ABCD City

Tamarack Institute and the City of Edmonton, Alberta, collaborated on a case study describing the development of the City’s Abundant Community Initiative, which was implemented for five years in 106 neighborhoods. The authors conclude that after having that building communities that bring residents together creates a necessary foundation for positive community change; contributes to community resilience; and positively impacts individual health and well-being; they also list a number of recommendations for cities on how to get started.

Read the case study on Tamarack’s website here.


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About the Lead Author

Heather Keam
Heather is part of Tamarack Institute's Vibrant Communities team as the Manager of Cities, Cities Deepening Community. Before this position she was the Manager of Learning Services where she organized Community of Practices, learning opportunities, tools and resources for community change. Heather brings over 12 years of public health knowledge to this position.

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