Gar Alperovitz and John McKnight in Conversation

John joins historian/political economist Gar Alperovitz to reflect on their original talks for the Schumacher Center for a New Economics and comment on each other’s work given current political, economic, and social realities. Moderated by Jodie Evans, this event is part of the ongoing series of weekly conversations celebrating 40 years of the Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures. For information on other speakers visit the Center’s registration page

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John McKnight
John McKnight
John McKnight is emeritus professor of education and social policy and codirector of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at DePaul University. He is the coauthor of Building Communities from the Inside Out and the author of The Careless Society. He has been a community organizer and serves on the boards of several national organizations that support neighborhood development.

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