“Nuestra Casa” – from Connection to Community Center

Sometimes, building community can be as straightforward as bringing neighbors together to define a dream they hold in common.

Check out this story created by Great Lakes Urban in partnership with UnoDuece Media about how in the Westcore neighborhood in Michigan (USA), a Connector turned an abandoned property into “Nuestra Casa,” a community center for the common good.



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Great Lakes Urban Restoration Network connects people in communities and strengthens their efforts to build strong, safe, and healthy neighborhoods. Connected neighbors can tap into their existing resources and skills to improve the things they find most important to their well being, like better education or access to healthy food. ​ We are based in Zeeland, Michigan and work in the cities of Holland, Grand Rapids, and several other regions of West Michigan. We are focused on building a movement based on the principles and practices of asset-based community development. Our goal is to discover, coach, and support leaders across North America who are already working to create strong communities.

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