Capacity Building Beyond Community Services

In this segment of his video interview Capacity Building Beyond Community Services with The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, John talks about some of the reasons why social services systems can only provide "service," not care.

In other segments he goes into the meaning of “community” and “neighborhood,” the power of citizens who share a feeling of mutual responsibility, and the resources people use to create well-being.


Introduction by Ed Preneta, Retired Director, Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities (print)

How John became interested in neighborhoods

Five basic resources people use to make things better

Defining “community” and “neighborhood”

Where the funds for social services really go

Why services cannot deliver well-being

Advice to people with disabilities on becoming part of the community

Message to parents of a child labeled as having disabilities

About John McKnight and the Asset-Based Community Development Institute


Conclusion: Linking hospitality to community success