Nourishing America

“We are not just what we eat but how we eat,” says John Schwenkler, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Mount St. Mary’s University, in a recent article on nourishing America from The Philanthropic Enterprise’s Trends in Innovation series. Americans have forgotten the place of community in relation to our food. That factor combined with issues of government policies, education and access make for a complex reality that Americans are poorer, fatter and sicker than ever. The groups that are making the biggest difference in getting Americans well-fed are the ones that focus on ownership of food sources, food education, affordability, work readiness and community. The article concludes:

Groups that view the individual as a part of the larger community help those without food security connect with those who can help them put healthy food on their tables. After all, we are more than what we eat. Perhaps more accurately, we are who we eat with.

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Zoe S. Erler
Zoe S. Erler
Zoe S. Erler is the former director of communications at the Sagamore Institute in Indianapolis.

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