Stories from the Lathrup Village Time Bank

Guitar lessons. Computer help. Typing. Sewing on buttons. Cooking a spaghetti dinner. Walking a neighbor’s dog. Cleaning out a basement. These are just a few of the things members of the Lathrup Village Time Bank have done for one another.

The Lathrup Village Time Bank’s mission is “to nurture, inspire and motivate a network of neighbors to come together to create a caring and sharing community.” Members like being part of it because, says one, “Every time bank member’s time is valued equally — you trade an hour for an hour.” “It’s fun and it’s cheap,” says another. “Plus,” says a mom, “my children are learning to contribute to community at a very young age.”

In this video, a union organizer, an industrial salesperson, a retiree, a student and other Lathrup Village Time Bankers describe how they’ve found ways to use people’s gifts and created a community of people helping each other.


Home page photo: Stephen L. Harlow

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