Abundant Community Book Study Guide

In Kitchener, Ontario, community reinventor Jonathan Massimi once led a discussion group with city staff, eight community connectors and a neighborhood association to explore the ideas from John and Peter’s book The Abundant Community.

That initiative grew into an eight-week study guide for the book used with a group at the Kitchener Public Library and developing ways to offer these sessions at other locations in the community.

See Jonathan Massimi’s study guide HERE.

Going Further

Images here and on home page: Jocasta Boone. Posted by permission from Axiom News.

About the Lead Author

Jonathan Massimi
Jonathan Massimi
In his own words: I have a passion for connecting and resourcing those who desire to build healthy and vibrant communities. With close to 20 years of experience in community development I believe if properly guided people can become architects of their own future. My experience has allowed me to work with a large segment of the community, from infants to seniors. I am currently working on my Doctorate where I am learning a variety of ethnographic skills and approaches as a means of analyzing contexts, identifying needs, and determining what type of leadership is needed for the situation. I am a huge proponent of empowering neighbourhoods by identify, encouraging, and utilizing the gifts and assets that are present within particular contexts. One such initiative was the Share Fair where I encouraged those in the community to declutter their homes and give things away. We asked people to bring their items to Grace Anglican Church and place them on the lawn. This event allowed us to clothe many migrant workers, furnish the apartment of an immigrant family, provide single mothers with items for their children, and send multiple items of clothing over seas. This is the power of community! Ordained in 2011, Jonathan has worked more than 20 years in grassroots community development work. He just completed his doctorate in contextual theology and currently works as Community Centres Supervisor for the City of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and as Parish Missioner for St. James Anglican Church, Paris, Ontario. See these outside sources for a flavor of Jonathan's work: Man of the Cloth Takin' It to the Streets (White at makeBbite.com) Jesus Is Italian and So Am I (Brant Advocate)

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